Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lets Give This A Shot!

I have never considered myself much of a writer. In fact, I try not to write much at all. That being said I am sure that you are wondering why I am starting a blog. Well, the answer is simple, I have been looking for an outlet to draw myself deeper into a sport I am truly passionate about, hunting...yep, that's right hunting, specifically bow hunting.

I had always shied away from bow hunting, see I felt I already had enough problems getting deer within range to kill. I'm sure part of that was my insecurity in my own capabilities, as well as having to always take the very last, and therefore, the absolute worst place on our families farm to hunt as I was growing up. You know, the only place on the whole farm where the deer weren't. And lets face it, a lot of us are actually hunting to help feed our families, so I didn't want to take any chances of not getting a deer just because the weapon I was using wouldn't shoot far enough.

Obviously, most of my ill conceived notions and ignorance concerning bow hunting has been swiftly dispatched over the last 5 years. Enough of the small talk though, I am writing this first entry to explain why I named this blog as such and what my plans are for the future. I named it BowHunter University because I am fairly new to bow hunting and I greatly desire a place where veteran archers, avid beginners, and newbie stick and string shooters all can feel welcome and hopefully learn something new and refreshing from time to time.  The name is exactly as it implies, a university of sorts, only with this particular "school" I sincerely hope we can all learn together. Not only learn, but work together to stand up for a very real and original part of our society, our ancient, God given right to hunt. It is being attacked and looked down upon by many people and groups these days.

I also wanted a "voice" in the hunting community to place equipment reviews and such. I may be only one person, but I tend to put equipment "through its paces". I believe we should all have as much unbiased  information going into a purchasing decision as possible, especially with our current economic state.

I know I'm not necessarily a gifted writer, but my heart is in these words. My hope is that my writing skills improve and it will become an informative and entertaining place y'all want to visit time and time again. And, just so everyone knows, " y'all " is a perfectly fine word to use in English Grammar...TheWritingHuntress said so. So to whoever manages to sit through the torture of reading this first entry, thank you for your self sacrifice.