Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fight For Whats Right Before Its Too Late

I know its been a long while since I've taken the time to sit down and write. I thank you all who have read this blog and especially those who have commented, it has given me the motivation to get off my butt and take this more seriously. That being said, I have something on my heart that I'd like to share with you all.

With all the "freedom of choice" movements today ranging from "animal rights groups" to anti-gun advocate groups, to even some vegetarian groups, the true foundation of why we live the lifestyle we live has become muddied at best sometimes.

As hunters and conservationists we all know the importance of real conservation, and the consequences of an earth run amuck by wildlife not being kept in check responsibly. And we are all aware that the meat we are blessed with to bring home to our families is almost always much better quality and safer for their consumption then any store bought meat.

But I question all of us if we are truly passing on the passion of the outdoor lifestyle to our children and the future generations in the correct way. I continue to see so called outdoor conservationists breaking rules, littering, and acting like fools with no respect for wildlife, people, or property so many times...and then we wonder why all these anti hunting and anti gun rights groups have so many ways and angles to attack us from. The life we live as responsible hunters, fishers, and outdoors enthusiasts should be clean and model our spoken respect for this earth in our actions. To put it all very simply, our "walk should talk louder then our talk talks" I heard that said about Christianity from a very wise woman one time...and I wonder why we don't transfer such values to our everyday lives.

I am aware this entry will probably spark a huge amount of feedback with people saying "call the cops" or "ignore them" when we find ourselves in a situation to be personally attacked by one of these anti this or anti that groups. But the fact remains that we honestly should be living to a higher standard since we are supposedly the ones "fighting for whats right". I guess what I am trying to ask here is how important is it to us to be able to pass on the outdoors lifestyle to future generations? If we are truly caring about wildlife and conservation in our hearts then this should be a no-brainer and living a responsible outdoors lifestyle should speak for itself.

For many of us the foundation of why we live the way we do and enjoy the outdoors so much is based in the Bible. We have been given a privilege, a right, and a responsibility to watch over the earth, care for it, protect it, and work it to improve the wildlife and the habitat according to the best of our ability. And if we are doing what is called of us to do in Scripture then we are already living to fulfill our rights and responsibilities. I would like nothing more than these anti this and anti that groups to simply go away. But until we see that happen I respectfully request, pray, and hope that we will all keep it fresh in our minds that our very lifestyle is often under attack these days. And that we work hard together to do everything respectfully and ethically so we may pass on this heritage that we love so much to our children and grandchildren one day.

I will close this by saying I am not pointing fingers or accusing anyone of irresponsibility or wrongdoing at all. I am simply attempting to encourage all of us to remember our calling to protect our way of life and the importance of passing it on to the generations to come. Once again, thank you to all who will read this.